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Salsa Dancers

For inquiries about fitness, modeling, and voice over services, please contact Marlon. 

Originally from Latin America, Marlon has been called "that red-hot chili pepper of a dance instructor" by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He choreographs, performs, and teaches salsa and merengue throughout the south eastern region of the USA.


Marlon teaches beginners and experts alike with step-by-step detailed instructions. His technique breaks down all salsa moves and combos into building blocks, which are then assembled into more complicated moves that can be adapted to any music or club atmosphere. Marlon's technique results from body mechanic studies and training as well as his experience in martial arts and interactions with diverse cultural groups.

Marlon is also a model, a bilingual voice over, and a certified aerobic instructor. E.S.A, a Zumba black belt, and has a 1st degree in Tae Kwon Do (ITF). He has taught classes for corporate gyms but also fitness and dance centers in the Pittsburgh area, including Club One, Highmark, The Rivers Club, Club 4 live, YWCA and YMCA, Alexander's Athletic Club, Arena's Dance Center, and Pittsburgh Senior Centers.  |  Tel: 412-535-2517

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